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The incident that happened in Klaeng, Rayong, he said that the debtor was really in debt, he had to help, but it had an Accident, something happened and when the creditor couldn't contact the debtor, what happened? So I protect the creditor. Wake up to my cousin's house. Take one car to park in front of the house. After a while, you will see that the creditor walks into the house and goes into the house to carry something. Do you know? 14,000 baht of the debtor's house. Let's go tomorrow. Let's do it like this. This isเกมมือถือ/สล็อต the moment when we climbed in to pick it up because the house was locked. Then I asked how the story was going because we wanted to know that people were going to borrow money from him. He did not use it back, we had the opportunity to talk to Khun Jay, Khun Jean, who would be a cousin, admitted that he went to borrow his debt, about 10,000 baht. That has to gradually pay for this phone. Chinese people claim to say that the mobile phone is broken.

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